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Find food safety at your fingertips

The smart, wireless food safety monitoring system

Accountability and traceability are vital for any food company and Checkit easily integrates into your existing operational processes to deliver both of these. Whatever the size of your business, Checkit helps make sure that food is safe - and that there are records to prove it.

[ 5 simple steps to peace of mind ]

Fixed Sensors monitor refrigeration unit temperature, humidity and door open/close status

No manual checks – readings are taken automatically 24/7

Handheld Sensors check temperatures, log tasks and record corrective actions

Fast, paperless checks, fully integrated with your HACCP/ SFBB plan

The Checkit Hub stores a complete food safety record

No lost or illegible records, no paperwork – just organised, searchable records

[ 5 simple steps to peace of mind ]

Real-time, wireless monitoring means you’ll see everything, from anywhere on any device issues at a glance

See sensor readings and monitor the progress of routine checks across all areas, while on the move and optimise your business

Instant SMS, email and pop-up alerts let you know straight away if there’s a problem

Alarms can be set for temperatures outside safe limits, checks not done in time, doors left open, corrective actions not carried out and more

[ 3 Key Benefits ]

Protect your reputation

• Enforces compliance and standardise food safety processes
• Digital records prove due diligence in case of legal action

Increase profitability

• Reduces cost of food safety checks, paperwork and site visits
• Reduces energy consumption and food waste

Understand your operation

• Gives scope for detailed analysis to compare data and spot trends
• Offers greater awareness and allows you to proactively manage your food safety plans


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Checkit makes the complex challenges of food safety management simple!
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